What We Do

Based in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, California, our firm is skilled in jury and court trials, mediation, arbitration, other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings and settlement strategies as well as providing counsel for business, employment and estate planning matters.

Estate plans affect generations of family. Businesses are started, expanded, dissolved and transferred, leaving a legacy to both families and communities. Real estate and employment law matters can influence how property owners and business owners pursue their objectives. Civil and commercial litigants need aggressive advocacy so that judges and juries can deliver just verdicts.

In both Ventura County and Los Angeles County, experienced second-generation attorney David T. Romney works to achieve just results for Southern California clients from all walks of life.

"We make sure to understand our clients and their individual circumstances to assure the right problem is timely solved in the right, most cost-effective way." — David T. Romney

When a legal issue impacts you, your family or business today, or has implications for your future, Romney Law Offices APC is able and willing to assist.

We look forward to a confidential discussion of your estate planning, business, real estate or employment law wishes and goals. Please call us at 805-392-9639 or stay online to send an email message.