Wills and Trusts

Your best bet is to be proactive.

At Romney Law Offices APC, we have learned from three decades of experience that money and property can either be managed - or it will manage you. In other words, a good outcome often depends on thoughtful estate planning and, when necessary, strategic litigation.

Our focus:

  • Drafting and updating estate plans
  • Legacy wishes and special needs
  • Inheritance challenges
  • Breach of trustee duty
  • Undue influence

Being proactive truly matters when it comes to staying ahead of serious problems in trusts, estate planning, and probate litigation.

Note to clients: Confidential trust matters always are kept confidential. We understand that the drafting of estate documents to deal with family relations, special needs and private financial matters, as well as the complications of estate administration arising from difficult asset allocation or personal family and tax issues, are not appropriate for discussion on a website. This is just one aspect of the way we work to earn and maintain your trust. That's why, in contrast to the other pages on this site, we do not provide representative case examples.

  • If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you and how we have helped past clients in trusts and estate planning, call 805-392-9639 or contact us online.

Our cases involve disputes over removing a trustee, challenging competence to execute a will, breach of fiduciary duty by trustees, the value of assets allocated to a particular beneficiary, the rights of a pretermitted heir, and interpretation of estate planning documents, among others.

Learn more about the various estate planning tools and how they can be used to help you.